The West-Com Patient CareBoard™

The West-Com Patient CareBoard displays up-to-date patient information inside the patient’s room for staff, patient and family use. The format and content of the view are highly customizable to automatically display clinical observations and order information from the hospital’s EHR system or manually through a web application.

The West-Com Patient CareBoard replaces and enhances the old dry erase boards typically found in patient rooms for improved nurse to patient and family communications.

Staffing information updates automatically and active patient call button requests are displayed to provide assurance that a staff member will respond shortly.

Utilizing the optional RTLS interface, patients and family feel reassured when a photo and name of the caregiver entering the room is displayed on the screen.

The West-Com Patient CareBoard is a crucial communications tool to keep patients, family members and staff informed about a patient’s care plan and room events.

Comm-Tronics is pleased to provide a no-obligation demonstration of the West-Com Patient CareBoard for you and your staff to see and evaluate.