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Healthcare Communication and Security Systems

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West-Com offers healthcare organizations powerful tools designed to improve patient safety, communications and clinical workflow across the entire care continuum. West-Com’s innovative and sustainable solutions help improve patient outcomes, the healthcare environment and the lives of residents living in senior communities.

West-Com is Revolutionizing the Patient Care Environment® by Innovating Sustainable Solutions for the Advancement of Patient Outcomes®. West-Com’s nurse call, clinic and senior care solutions are being used by caregivers around the world to streamline workflow, enhance communications, improve the patient experience and increase staff satisfaction.

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Sonitor is helping drive innovation and efficiency in healthcare through its revolutionary RTLS platforms that combine High Definition Ultrasound™ technology and Wi-Fi, low-frequency sensory technologies. Healthcare organizations utilizing Sonitor RTLS solutions deliver significant benefits to patients and residents by helping keep caregivers informed about the location of team members and clinical equipment, thus improving workflows so more quality time can be spent with patients and residents.

From nurse call integration to infection control, from asset management to patient flow, from staff duress to wayfinding, Sonitor is the sensible choice for healthcare organizations of all shapes, sizes and missions.

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Motorola Solutions is a global leader in mission-critical communications, security and analytics. Motorola Solutions provides healthcare organizations with a unified technology ecosystem, called Safe Hospitals, that connects land mobile communications, command center software, incident reporting, video security, access control and concealed weapons detection to proactively manage threats, drive operational efficiencies and create an environment of safety and security to assure the highest levels of patient and resident care.

Safe Hospitals product solutions create one integrated system of technologies for quick detection and analysis of what is happening on-premises, allowing speed and awareness to address and resolve incidents so staff can get back to what they do best…taking care of patients and residents.

Accutech Logo

Accutech is a leading manufacturer of electronic monitoring and security systems for healthcare organizations. Accutech provides innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions for the safety of babies, patients and residents.

Accutech features Cuddles for infant protection, ResidentGuard for wander management, Access for electronic access control, CertaScan for baby identification and Kidz for pediatric elopement.

Ring Communications Logo

Ring Communications is the industry leader of internal voice communications for healthcare facilities. Ring Communications sets the standard of performance for advanced, high-quality person-to-person, zone and facility-wide voice communications and alerts.

Ring Communications products are friendly, reliable and withstand the rigorous use associated with healthcare environments. For administrative, clinical, facilities, labs, security and operating suites, Ring Communications provides the very best choice when high-quality voice communications are crucial.

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Avigilon’s video and access control solutions integrate seamlessly across your entire security system to provide your people with the right information at the right time to take quick and decisive action.

Powered by advanced AI and video analytics, Avigilon keeps technology simple so your people can focus on what matters most to you and your organization.

Evolv Logo

Evolv is the world’s first AI-based touchless security screening technology that improves the staff and visitor experience without sacrificing security. People entering the facility simply pass through screening without divesting or breaking stride.

Evolv helps create a safe haven for patients, residents, staff and visitors by combining advanced sensors, cameras and artificial intelligence to immediately identify threats while ignoring harmless personal items. Unlike invasive pat downs and bag checks that create long lines, Evolv keeps high-volume entrances flowing smoothly by detecting guns and other weapons as people walk through at a normal pace.

Bogen Communications Inc Logo

For over 90 years, Bogen Communications has furnished sound systems to healthcare organizations that notify people and improve outcomes. Bogen’s sound systems meet demanding technical and regulatory requirements and provide dependable, functional and seamless integration to third-party PBXs, access control, security and fire systems to distribute emergency, routine, preprogrammed and live voice announcements when and where needed.

Reliability and safety are paramount when delivering critical information to staff, patients, visitors and residents. Dependable, innovative and easy-to-use products allow Bogen Communications to be the industry leader in audio communications, regardless of facility size, scope or mission.